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Cocoon Kids

Making the Internet Safe for Children.

With CocoonKids for Klaaskids, you can ensure your kids are only accessing websites that you approve. Plus, the browser toolbar is easy for everyone in the family to use.

How CocoonKids for KlaasKids Works:

  1. Signup for your parent account
  2. Create your kid’s account
  3. Lock toolbar for kid’s account login
  4. Kids surf the web safely & securely
  5. Kids may make specific website requests
  6. Parent can allow or reject requested websites

Tracking Protection – Your kids will only be able to visit sites you approve. So you’ll never have to worry about what sites they’re visiting. Plus, the sites they visit won’t be able to track them!

Secure Browsing – Since your computer never touches the Internet, it is safe from viruses, malware and spyware anywhere your kids browse.

Custom Accounts – Every kid has a different age, unique interests, education level, so they each get a custom account with access to the sites to fit their life.

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