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AppCertain: Advanced App Monitoring for Parents

Manage and secure your family’s mobile devices

TechCrunch Calls AppCertain “the Net Nanny of apps,” and the analogy is, dare we say, apt. AppCertain gives you the parental control to manage and track the apps your kids download.

AppCertain can’t restrict apps based on perceived inappropriate behaviors—yet. So we do the next best thing: inform parents of everything the app does the moment it’s installed.

Curfew Mode Curfew Mode is a remote on/off switch for all non-essential apps. This feature helps you manage your child’s time spent on mobile devices.

Monitor Apps Get an email alert for every app downloaded and quick analysis of the most popular apps. Our badges clearly outline important features and functions of these apps.

What Parents are Saying:

“AppCertain gives every parent peace of mind when their child is downloading apps. You get email notifications and analysis of all downloads. This is a great tool for parents who worry about what their children are doing online.”

“AppCertain is a fast to install app that emails you easy to read and understand information about the apps installed on your mobile devices. The email information you receive is presented in a colorful, creative format making it very user friendly.”

“AppCertain gives you peace of mind and security that inappropriate apps that may or have been downloaded on your device are identified allowing you the choice to remove from the device. It allows you to make informed decisions with your children and other users on the device about each app that has been downloaded. You can have conversations with your children about the potential of inappropriate content, in app purchases and more. Very helpful for navigating in a technological world!”

“Monitoring children on your iPhone, iPad or iPod can be hard especially when they disappear with it. Now you can keep up to date on what they are downloading, purchasing and viewing with the installation of AppCertain. Get notifications of what is going on and be in the know at all times when it comes to your children’s technology usage now!”



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