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Non Profit Partners

Collaboration, cooperation and partnership are the keys to our success. We work with community partners and local volunteers to identify and develop innovative resources and solutions to local issues.

Alaska State Hospital and Nursing Home Association

The Alaska State Hospital and Nursing Home Association is the first organization to support the implementation of iKeepSafe’s Generation Safe in Alaska public schools.

American Academy of Pediatrics

The American Academy of Pediatrics was one of iKeepsafe’s first partners.  Since 2005 their representatives have served on our General Advisory Board, been contributors to planning sessions and media events, and participated in the 2009 PointSmartClickSafe national conference on Internet safety and best practices convened by iKeepSafe, Cable in the Classroom, Common Sense Media, and the National Cable and Telecommunications Association.

American Association of Orthodontists

The American Association of Orthodontists have generously supported the work of iKeepSafe by disseminating Internet safety educational brochures for families printed by Comcast through their doctors’ offices nationwide.

American Medical Association and Alliance

iKeepSafe has created customized educational materials for the American Medical Association and Alliance for distribution by their volunteers through schools, hospitals, clinics, and libraries nationwide.  As longtime partners, we have participated together at media events in multiple states and have contributed to their annual national conventions and regional meetings.

American Public Health Association

The American Public Health Association is a General Advisory Board partner of iKeepSafe, participating in our open planning sessions and providing experts and speakers for iKeepSafe sponsored events. AMPA invited iKeepSafe to present at their national conference.

American School Counselor Association

The American School Counselor Association (ASCA) and iKeepSafe launched Project PRO: Privacy and Reputation Online at the 2009 ASCA national conference and distributed its resources to the 2000 attendees.  The resources for educators, parents, and students continue to be available to over 25,000 ASCA members via download from their Web site.  We have also contributed to regional ASCA events (e.g. Florida in 2009 and Virginia in 2011) and they have highlighted iKeepSafe and Generation Safe in their national newsletter.

Behring Foundation

The Behring Foundation is a Special Contributor to iKeepSafe in support of the Faux Paw Series in general and, in particular, Faux Paw Meets the First Lady.

Brigham Young University

Brigham Young University has worked with iKeepSafe from our beginning.  Students from their Center for Animation designed the first Faux Paw film, for which they received a Student Emmy.  Faculty members translated Faux Paw Goes to the Games into Mandarin for distribution in China.  For marketing and public relations purposes, the University has hosted multiple media events during that past five years, as well as projected Public Service Announcements at public sporting events.  Most recently, the Department of Public Health has joined the development of Gene ration Safe as an advisor.

Cable in the Classroom

Cable in the Classroom supports the distribution of iKeepSafe educational materials to over 86,000 schools nationwide through local cable stations.  Together we convened the PointSmartClickSafe international conference, along with Common Sense Media and the National Cable and Telecommunications Association that served as the precursor to the Blue Ribbon Task Force on Internet Best Practices.  The iKeepSafe Digital Citizenship C3 Matrix was the featured article in their 2009 summer issue of Threshold Magazine.


Care4Kids, located in South Africa, has partnered with iKeepSafe since 2009 to localize our Faux Paw Series content and distribute it to elementary schools in that nation.

Center on Media and Child Health

The Center on Media and Child Health, Children’s Hospital Boston, Harvard Medical School, and Harvard School of Public Health is a unique institute dedicated to understanding and responding to the effects of children’s use of technology.  They are a longtime research and development partner of iKeepSafe working with us on the following projects:

  • Analysis of The Parent Project to determine if parents were aware of the perils as well as the potential of the Internet and were successfully preventing cyber-threats to their children,
  • Development of D.A.R.E. America Activity Lessons that teach Internet safety principles to children ages 4 – 10 years,
  • Special advisors to Generation Safe,
  • Curriculum development for the Mobile Safe Kids project in collaboration with Woogi World, and
  • Design of the Mobile Safety Matrix as a standard to help youth develop responsible and ethical use of mobile technology.


Childhelp, recognized internationally for almost 50 years for their efforts to help children in need, is a Founding Member of iKeepSafe.  Their representatives continue to serve on our General Advisory Board and they utilize iKeepSafe content in their own programs where needed.

Communities in Schools

To fulfill their goal to scale exceptional school programs, Communities in Schools has adopted iKeepSafe curricula for use in their prevention program.  We launched this effort with them at a media event at Pease Elementary School (the oldest school in Texas) in Austin, TX.

Connected Nation

As Connected Nation brings high-speed Internet and broadband to states across the nation, they also supply laptops that contain an iKeepSafe digital safety content package to at-risk youth.  Since 2008, iKeepSafe provides online safety educational material connected with the laptops for parents, youth and educators. iKeepSafe also participates at individual state media events. (e.g. Connected Tennessee).

Consortium for School Networking

The Consortium for School Networking joined iKeepSafe in 2010 as part of the development of Generation Safe.  Their members serve on the Generation Safe Advisory Board, have contributed content on multiples topics, and been interviewed and filmed for the professional development component.

D.A.R.E America

iKeepSafe has partnered with D.A.R.E. America (DARE) to create unique educational materials for their 5000 officers in schools throughout the Americas that include:

  • Trainer Packages on cyberbullying available as DVD or download,
  • Presentations and training workshops for their annual conference,
  • An English/Spanish parent presentation for use in the United States,
  • Spanish content for Central and South American officers,
  • Content regionalized for Canada, and
  • The DARE Activity Center for children ages 4–10.

In addition to content development, DARE representatives participate on the iKeepSafe General Advisory Board contributing at open planning sessions and likewise we participate on their Advisory Board.

Education Networks of America

The Education Networks of America provides managed network and communication services to customers in the education, library and government sectors.  In Utah they became a sponsor of Faux Paw Series book distribution and media events with the State Attorney General and iKeepSafe.

Educational Technology Policy Research & Outreach

As an independent institute affiliated with the University of Maryland’s Department of Education, Educational Technology Policy Research & Outreach (ETPRO) specialists offer professional development, program evaluation, and curricular design.  In their five-year partnership with iKeepSafe, they have:

  • Analyzed the effectiveness of a nationwide D.A.R.E. America campaign that utilized iKeepSafe content,
  • Led development of the Digital Citizenship C3 Matrix designed to assist educators by integrating the essentials of cyber-safety, cyber-security, and cyber-ethics (C3) into existing technology and literacy standards and curricula, and
  • Contributed to the content design of Generation Safe and are active on its Advisory Board.

Enough is Enough

A longtime partner, Enough Is Enough members serve on our General Advisory Board and contribute to our open planning sessions.  In 2009 they participated with us in the PointSmartClickSafe conference.  As part of their effort o equip parents with the best tools to protect children, they use iKeepSafe parent tutorials in their Internet Safety 101 course.

Family Literacy Foundation

Members of the military overseas have a particular challenge staying connected with family at home.  Our partner, the Family Literacy Foundation, works to overcome this challenge by filming soldiers and personnel abroad reading the Faux Paw Series and then video it back to their young children at home.

Family Online Safety Institute

To make the online world safer for children and families, the Family Online Safety Institute identifies those people and organizations that promote best practices.  We have been invited to speak and participate at many of their meetings and conferences, and in 2009 FOSI honored Marsali Hancock, CEO and President of iKeepSafe, with their Award for Outstanding Achievement.

Federal Bureau of Investigation

When iKeepSafe began, the Federal Bureau of Investigation served as special advisors.  They provided safety information and content that we integrated into the Faux Paw Series to ensure that our educational materials were research-based and relevant with current trend specific to internet crimes against children.

Fight Crime: Invest in Kids

The anti-crime organization Fight Crime: Invest in Kids disseminates research-based content and information to policymakers and the general public.  Their members, composed of law enforcement professionals and violence survivors, utilize iKeepSafe content in their initiatives and their work with at-risk children and youth.  A representative from their organization serves on our General Advisory Board.

George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation.

Pilot projects of Generation Safe in Utah public schools are funded in part through the generous support of the George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation.


GetNetWise is a project of the Internet Education Foundation.  Internet industry corporations and public interest organizations work together to provide safe Internet use.  An iKeepSafe representative is on their Advisory Board and they participate on our General Advisory Board.  We also are invited to and join in their yearly congressional events.

Give Kids Good Schools

As a national campaign that utilizes online resources, Give Kids Good Schools chose to partner with iKeepSafe to provide part of the safety component for their programs.  They use and promote the Faux Paw Series in public schools nationwide.

Healthy Heroes

Healthy Heroes works through Rotary Clubs, schools, and health camps to reverse negative health trends in their nation.  iKeepSafe has created Internet safety content for their middle school educational initiative that is delivered through afterschool programs.

Identity Theft Resource Center

The Identity Theft Resource Center® (ITRC) is a non-profit organization established to support victims of identity theft in resolving their cases, and to broaden public education and awareness in the understanding of identity theft.Visit  Victims may contact the ITRC at 888-400-5530.

International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium, Inc.

International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium, Inc. (ISC)2, the global, not-for-profit leader in educating and certifying information security professionals, has been our partner since 2009.  Their goal is to scale out Internet safety both nationally and internationally through their volunteers’ use of iKeepSafe content in schools.  Most recently (ISC)² participated at a student Lunch N’ Learn project in Virginia with the State Attorney General.

Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force

The Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force assists state and local law enforcement in their response to technology facilitated crimes against children.  State officers provide iKeepSafe with information to keep us current on trends, review our content for credibility as we develop educational materials, and use iKeepSafe tools in their own initiatives.


InfraGard is a nationwide partnership between the FBI and the private sector.  We have developed specific content for their volunteers to disseminate.  Their experts serve on our General Advisory Board and participate in open planning sessions.  iKeepSafe joins them at media events nationwide and at their annual national convention.

J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott Foundation

The J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott Foundation has generously supported the development of the Faux Paw Series and its distribution to Washington DC public elementary schools.

Miller Charities

The Miller Charities Foundation sponsored a special project for distribution of Faux Paw and the Dangerous Download to Utah public elementary schools and supports Generation Safe in Utah secondary schools .

National AfterSchool Association.

We are delighted to announce a new partner: The National AfterSchool Association.  As the leading voice of the afterschool profession dedicated to children and youth during their out-of-school hours, we know that iKeepSafe’s relationship with them will further all of our efforts to nurture responsible, ethical, and resilient digital citizens.

National Association of Independent Schools

The National Association of Independent Schools represents 1,400 independent schools and associations nationwide.  They are active on the iKeepSafe General Advisory Board and iKeepSafe CEO and President Marsali Hancock is an invited speaker at the 2011 NAIS Annual Conference in National Harbor, Maryland.

National Cable and Telecommunications Association

A longtime supporter of iKeepSafe, the National Cable and Telecommunications Association sponsors and participates in the development and implementation of major projects:

  • Co-convener with iKeepSafe of the PointSmartClickSafe national conference on Internet safety,
  • Sponsor of the Blue Ribbon Task Force on Internet Best Practices,
  • Co-developer of the iKeepSafe C3 Matrix,
  • Contributor on our General Advisory Board,
  • Sponsor of Generation Safe and member of its Advisory Board, and
  • Have invited iKeepSafe to participate, along with the Pew Research Center, on their 2011 Initiative: Digital Citizenship.

National Crime Prevention Council

The National Crime Prevention Council is a longtime and active member of the iKeepSafe General Advisory Board.  This network of law officers and other safety organizations use the Faux Paw Series along with their own materials nationwide to implement their mission to help communities prevent crime.

National Education Association

A Founding Member of iKeepSafe, the National Education Association is active on the General Advisory Board and contributes at open planning sessions.  Their representatives provided content for the development of Generation Safe and also are involved on that Advisory Board.

National PTA

As a Founding Member of iKeepSafe, the National PTA has partnered with us through their Internet safety initiatives, Web campaigns, and articles in their national newsletter.

Netsmartz and the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

Representatives from Netsmartz and the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children joined iKeepSafe founder Jacalyn Leavitt in 2003 to develop the original concepts for Faux Paw, the Internet safety heroine and icon of the Faux Paw Series.  Their representatives continue to serve on the iKeepSafe General Advisory Board and contribute valuable information related to children and youth online.

Neumont University

Faculty and student interns from Neumont University have provided in-kind Web development and project management expertise to iKeepSafe.

Newspaper Association of America

A Founding Member of iKeepSafe, the Newspaper Association of America has been active on the General Advisory Board.  They participated at the national launch of iKeepSafe in Washington DC and have published public service announcements on our behalf in print media nationwide.

Office of Safe & Drug Free Schools

The Office of Safe & Drug-Free Schools is a federal vehicle for reducing drug, alcohol and tobacco use, and violence in our schools.  Their members are especially active in bullying prevention.  They have joined with iKeepSafe for Faux Paw Series presentations and readings throughout Utah and Texas.  iKeepSafe representatives have participated at their conferences, in their bullying prevention group, and made special presentations on Internet safety challenges to their Washington DC-based executive working group.

Operation Kids Foundation

The Operation Kids Foundation has provided generous support for iKeepSafe programs and general operations.

Optimists International

iKeepSafe has partnered with Optimists International (OI) to create customized community resources.  Available as DVD or download these parent presentations are being delivered by OI volunteers in schools and community venues nationwide, as well as in both English and French throughout Canada.  We provide Internet safety training workshops at OI conferences, participate in state events, and have been the recipient of the Optimist International Service to Youth Award (2008) as an organization that uniquely and successfully serves the needs of young people.

Pennsylvania State University

The Pennsylvania State University (PSU) and Penn State Public Broadcasting (WPSU) have been major partners in development of educational content with iKeepSafe.  The PSU Department of Education created the curriculum associated with Faux Paw Meets the First Lady and the corresponding cyberbullying content for use by D.A.R.E. America.  The WPSU studios produced accompanying videos for this curriculum/content, as well as other video interviews with subject-matter experts on general topics for use in multiple iKeepSafe projects and programs.

Reading is Fundamental

To motivate children to read, Reading is Fundamental (RIF) delivers free books and literacy resources to those children and families who need them most.  In partnership with Comcast, who supplied part of the iKeepSafe’s Faux Paw Series, RIF delivered the books to students in Texas.  RIF volunteers in Illinois also received digital literacy training from iKeepSafe experts and participated with us at a major media event with the Mayor of Chicago.

Rochester Institute of Technology

The Rochester Institute of Technology’s Center for Multidisciplinary Studies has provided educational content and professional development components to major iKeepSafe projects.  For Mobile Safe Kids their experts are training educators in digital citizenship and the use of virtual educational platforms for mobile phone safety for youth.  For Generation Safe they serve on the Advisory Board, have created educational content, and have developed the online professional development tools for the portal.

Ronald McDonald Charities Foundation

The Ronald McDonald Charities Foundation generously donated seed money for development of the Faux Paw Series.

Safe Surfin’ Foundation

In Bedford County, Virginia, the Safe Surfin’ Foundation supports the work of that county’s Sheriff Department.  The Foundation has been a longtime backer of iKeepSafe by serving on our General Advisory Board, participating in open planning sessions, and using and distributing our educational materials throughout Virginia.

Seattle Public Schools

The Seattle Public Schools is one of the most forward thinking school districts in their implementation of best practices to educate today’s digital youth.  They have contributed educational content to iKeepSafe and have translated the Faux Paw Series into nine languages to accommodate their diverse student population.

Sorenson Legacy Foundation

Generous support from the Sorenson Legacy Foundation focused on iKeepSafe’s international projects and provided for the translation of K-12 educational content into Arabic and its dissemination throughout the Middle East.  This sponsorship also facilitated our participation at conferences in Bahrain, Spain, Switzerland, Lithuania, and Malaysia.

Southern Utah Foundation

The Southern Utah Foundation is a Special Contributor to iKeepSafe by sponsoring a nationwide fundraising campaign in support of the organization.

University of Maryland

For five years, the University of Maryland has invited iKeepSafe to contribute speakers and panelists to the C3 Conference on the ethical, legal, safety and security implication of technology.  These annual conferences are one of the nation’s most important platforms for discussion of new technology trends, potential challenges, and possible solutions.  In addition to these very serious conferences, Faux Paw is an invited celebrity and appears in person for Maryland Day, where the public explores the campus and all of its offerings and related projects.

Utah Families Foundation

The Utah Families Foundation provided special support for the Faux Paw Library Project in Utah elementary schools.


WiredSafety is a member of iKeepSafe’s General Advisory Board and our representatives are invited contributors to their yearly events.  iKeepSafe educational content is also distributed through their StopCyberbullying Toolkit.

Web Wise Kids

A Founding Member and participant on the General Advisory Board, Web Wise Kids distributes iKeepSafe content to middle schools as part of their nationwide campaign.

Women for Decency

Women for Decency is a grassroots, non-profit organization dedicated to helping women safeguard home and family by teaching and advocating for children, and speaking up in our communities to promote decency and protect families from the intrusion of pornography.

Woogi World

Woogi World is iKeepSafe’s virtual world partner.  Together we have developed CyberHero and Cell-Safe Kids that offer K-6 students and their parents and educators a virtual educational platform that integrates essential safety issues into games and social networking.

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