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Working Together

For over five years Symantec Corporation and the Symantec Foundation have been major sponsors of iKeepSafe Internet safety and security program development.  Their generous support has helped produce the following:

  • Three books and DVDs in the Faux Paw Series,
  • Norton’s Connected and Protected Tour reaching 25 large cities nationwide,
  • Video production of Symantec security experts discussing essential information for the iKeepSafe Parent Resource Center and other presentations,
  • Media events with iKeepSafe, policy leaders, and other partners to highlight local and state initiatives, and
  • Global distribution of iKeepSafe educational materials and workshops (i.e. Australia, United Kingdom, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Bahrain, Singapore, and Egypt.).
  • Strategic Plan for Symantec employees on how to develop and implement Lunch N Learn workshops at schools for teachers/counselors and for employees through HR departments, and parent presentations through community organizations.
  • Internet safety presentations for various age groups including parents, students, and educators.

iKeepSafe serves on the Advisory Board of Symantec Corporation.

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