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iKeepSafe K-12 Incident Response Tool

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Do you know how to handle and respond to sexting, data breaches, and cyberbulling?

iKeepSafe’s K-12 Incident Response Tool (IRT) guides fact finding and evidence gathering in a way that minimizes risks and ensures positive outcomes for bystanders, victims, and perpetrators.

Available as an interactive app for Android and Apple, and as a PDF flowchart, it helps schools prepare for and respond to a wide range of digital incidents, eliminating missteps in gathering digital evidence.

Defense attorneys, prosecutors, and investigators worked together to guide school administrators through the resolution of various cyber incidents (those involving digital information and technology). Whether your download the PDF version, or download the app to your phone, the tool allows you to quickly access clear and informed recommendations through flowcharts and related investigation documents.

What happens online shows up at school, and what happens at school shows up online.

From sexting to cyberbullying; privacy concerns to ethical considerations; schools are dealing with a growing number of digital incidents. The free tool helps schools navigate these and other incidents, including identity theft, plagiarism, harassment, self harm, hacking, data breaches, hate speech, student privacy concerns, and copyright violations.

Holistically and effectively respond to digital incidents using:

  • The iKeepSafe K-12 IRT Flowchart – leads administrators through each step. Indicates when to involve the primary stakeholders (such as parents, legal counsel or law enforcement), and how to ensure responsible and effective follow up after an incident, including support, evaluation and audit;
  • Customized Investigative Plans – tailored to address specific types of incidents. Guides the investigation with forms and recommendations from law enforcement and public health experts;
  • Professional Development – The tool provides in-depth Learning Modules and Quick Tip videos with essential information for ensuring the best resolution.

Full web version available (also free) with the following username and password:

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