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Kirk Marlowe Receives Outstanding Service and Leadership Award

download full film Patriots Day iKeepSafe is pleased to present the Outstanding Service and Leadership Award to Kirk Marlowe for his dedicated work promoting digital citizenship. Since 1989, Major Marlowe has served in the state police as a trooper and special agent, an Academy sergeant, lieutenant, and as a division commander for the High Tech…Continue Reading

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iKeepSafe and Harvard Berkman Center Release Privacy Curriculum

Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download Today’s youth are increasingly living their lives online. What happens offline is reflected in the digital world, and vice-versa. Because our culture is becoming more and more digital, it is increasingly impossible to avoid participation in the digital environment. In the same way that it is essential…Continue Reading

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Digital Citizenship Toolkit Establishes Online-Offline Connections for Kids

Digital citizenship lessons, that help kids use the internet safely and fruitfully, are analogous to the skills we teach kids for the physical world. In order to help children make these conceptual connections between digital and offline life, iKeepSafe developed the Digital Citizenship Toolkit to aligns each toolkit item with a BEaPRO™concept: Balance, Ethics, Privacy,…Continue Reading

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Watch Movie Online Von Erholung war nie die Rede (2017)

Von Erholung war nie die Rede (2017) Director Vivian Naefe. Producer – Production Company – Release May 25, 2017 Country Germany. Language – Runtime 91 min Genre Comedy. PLAY MOVIE DOWNLOAD Movie ‘Von Erholung war nie die Rede’ was released in May 25, 2017 in genre Comedy. Vivian Naefe was directed this movie and starring…Continue Reading

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It’s National Be Kind Online Day!

Today, in honor of Be Kind Online Day, iKeepSafe is joining Beyond Differences and the Marin County Office of Education to host a free, 2-hour event for parents, teachers, middle and high school students. Marsali Hancock, iKeepSafe CEO and President; Larry Magid, CEO, and Technology Analyst; and Mary Jane Burke, Marin County Superintendent of…Continue Reading

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iKeepSafe Expands Digital Literacy Initiative with New Curriculum for Middle School Students

Washington D.C., October 21, 2015 – The Internet Keep Safe Coalition (iKeepSafe), a nonprofit alliance committed to helping children thrive in the digital space, announced today the launch of its new middle school curriculum—the latest installment in a series of lessons designed to help educators teach digital literacy. The lessons for grades 7-9 build on…Continue Reading

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Students and Copyright

Every piece of original authorship is granted copyright ownership, affording exclusive rights to the owner for reproduction, distribution, derivative works, public performance or display. Though the requirements of original authorship may be contested, it is clear that students produce thousands of original creative works every school year– be they essays and art projects or tweets and…Continue Reading

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Government Grant Scams: If You Have to Pay, You Didn’t Win

“If it sounds too good to be true…” It’s been said so many times, you don’t even have to hear the rest of the phrase to know what’s coming. And yet—somehow—scammers still try it and consumers still fall for it. A recent rise in government grant scams has a lot of consumers scratching their heads.…Continue Reading

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Over 400,000 Teens Stop Social Isolation

Few events in a 12-year-old’s life match the gut wrenching terror of walking into a middle school cafeteria alone. Just considering the prospect awakens memories of the anxiety building throughout the morning. Of sitting alone, half imagining and half wishing myself invisible. Of just praying for the lunch period to end. Thankfully, my personal agony…Continue Reading

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Reflecting on #SID15 and Looking Forward to a Better Internet Ahead

This week, iKeepSafe joined partners around the world to celebrate Safer Internet Day 2015 (#SID15). Organized by Insafe, it is a day set apart each February to promote safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile phones, especially among children and young people across the world. We kicked off #SID15’s celebration early by…Continue Reading

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Safer Internet Day 2015

Happy Safer Internet Day! We’re thrilled to join with partners throughout the globe to promote safer and more responsible use of online technology. Together we can build a better Internet for our children and for all of us. streaming film Fantastic Journey to Oz

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Working toward a world in which children and young adults build the critical thinking skills they need for productive, safe and healthy lives

Change starts small. In our vast country, the biggest policy changes often start at the state and local level, and that is where it is easiest to make a difference. When I first became aware of media literacy as an urgent public health issue, I started by talking with my son’s fifth grade teacher. She…Continue Reading

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Digital Literacy Has a Winning Weekend

  Last week in California, the 2014 Project Tomorrow Innovation in Education Awards were presented at the 21st Annual High-Tech Innovation Awards dinner reception. This high profile event, held in tandem with the O.C. Tech Alliance’s corporate awards, attracts over 300 business and community leaders each year. It recognizes corporations, schools, and individuals demonstrating innovative…Continue Reading

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You’re on “Not-so-Candid Camera!”

Ten years ago, no one would have known about former NFL running back Ray Rice assaulting his fiancé in an elevator. Today, millions of people have seen him savagely punch her and drag her limp body off the elevator. We live in an age where we’re constantly under surveillance and nothing is secret for long.…Continue Reading

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As technology whizzes by us at a record-breaking pace, parents are trying feverishly to keep their heads above water. When speaking at schools and conventions across the country, many parents are panicked by how quickly technology is changing and express major concerns when it comes to their kids utilizing these tools at a seemingly unmanageable…Continue Reading

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Surfing Requires Skills Online and Off

As summer comes to a close here in Southern California, one of the biggest swells in months has hit the coast, much to the delight of surfers catching their final waves of the season. At the beach yesterday, I saw a little surfer, only eight or nine years old, angrily stomping his feet on the…Continue Reading

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Announcing Our New Digital Literacy Initiative

Today, we are pleased to announce the launch of the first set of K-6 lessons in our new digital literacy curriculum initiative, which aims to prepare students for digital citizenship in the 21st century. This first set of lessons make it easier for teachers to help students learn how to create, collaborate, and share responsibly.…Continue Reading

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Safeguarding Student Data Privacy: Key Questions—And Answers

Education data are a powerful tool that can help all with a stake in education—from families and educators, to state and federal policymakers— in their efforts to support students and identify pathways to success. When teachers have appropriate access to data on their students, they can individualize their instruction, communicate better with students and their…Continue Reading

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School’s Out! Let’s talk online safety – in English and in Spanish

An Online Safety App to Guide your Family Through the Summer By Marsali Hancock, CEO and President of iKeepSafe and Andrea Brands, Director of Consumer Safety and Empowerment at AT&T School is out and summer has officially arrived. While we’ll be enjoying warmer weather and longer days, students will also have more time to spend…Continue Reading

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Say What You Mean in Electronic Communications . . . or Else

When first communicating by email, did you ever mistakenly use all capital letters only to learn that, by using all caps, you were effectively yelling?  Was it ever your intention to yell, or were you simply unaware of proper email etiquette at that time?  Have you ever used a chat acronym (e.g., “LOL”) only to…Continue Reading

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Nancy Gifford Presents at Legacy Explorations Symposium

Nancy Gifford, iKeepSafe Senior Director of Law and Policy, is presenting today at the Legacy Explorations Symposium at Eastern Connecticut University.   The Symposium is attended by sixth graders from several towns in Connecticut and also features Rabbi Lazowski and principal Thanh Nguyn. Rabbi Lazowski will share his gripping story as a child survivor of the…Continue Reading

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The Wizard of Oz & Digital Parenting

One of my favorite parts of my work is talking with parents about the digital environment. When I walk into a room to give a presentation to parents, the anxiety is palpable. Usually, there is an exchange of worrisome stories about things they’ve heard about the online world and a general sense of being overwhelmed…Continue Reading

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Cheaters Never Prosper: Preventing Scandals in Schools

As in past years, it did not take long for a cheating scandal to surface and to receive widespread media attention. Most recently, the scandal did not involve politicians, famous couples, or athletes; it involved high school students and their use of technology to alter grades. The latest scandal is not the first and it…Continue Reading

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Safer Internet Day

Tuesday, February 11th is Safer Internet Day (“SID”)– an internationally recognized day that focuses on making the internet a better and safer place. This year’s theme is “Let’s create a better internet together.” Connect Safely is the U.S. host for SID and is giving the theme real-life momentum with its campaign titled, “One Good Thing.”…Continue Reading

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Cyber Safety: Teaching Smart Thinking

Recently I attended a workshop on “Youth and Technology” at a high school in Laguna Beach, CA, and came home with a long list of recommendations that will keep my children safe online—everything from deleting “bad” apps from their smart phones, to installing surveillance apps and filtering software onto our family’s devices. While the evening…Continue Reading

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Recently, I taught one of my favorite Common Sense Media lessons during a 6th grade Cyber Civics class at Journey School in Aliso Viejo, CA. Called “Chart It,” this lesson challenges students to think through online ethical dilemmas — like a friend posting an unflattering photo on Facebook, a classmate cutting and pasting freely from…Continue Reading

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Lessons on “CyberCivics” Too Important To Ignore

My daughter, who is busy working on her college applications, received this message from her high school counselor yesterday: “Just received an email from the National Association of College Admission Counseling (NACAC)… a friendly reminder that colleges are reading your social media.” Today, in addition to having sky-high GPA’s and equally impressive test scores, kids…Continue Reading

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“I didn’t mean to send that”: Communicate with Care and Protect Our Privacy

Most of us have experienced the gasp and momentary panic associated with prematurely or inadvertently sending an email. Fortunately, my email mistakes have only occurred within personal communications and have had few consequences other than slight embarrassment or the need to send a brief mea culpa. As a professional, there is too much at stake…Continue Reading

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Generation Next

One of the greatest parts of my job is talking to parents and students about all the amazing, wonderful things that technology has to offer. Parents often enter my presentations expecting to learn about all the evils of technology and the perils of social networking; while there are certainly some challenges that need to be…Continue Reading

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Why Are We Freaking Out?

There has been quite a hullabaloo recently over the Los Angeles Unified School District’s $1-billion effort to equip all of its students with the iPads. Because some students were able to bypass security measures in only 10 days and start accessing, from home, sites like Pandora and Facebook, the district has been the target of…Continue Reading

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Why is iKeepSafe Collaborating to Teach Students about Creative Content Online?

SHORT ANSWER: because students need it. Knowing how to create, collaborate, and share responsibly are twenty-first century skills. And, Teacher-Librarians are the best prepared to teach it. NOT-AS-SHORT ANSWER: iKeepSafe is a 501c3, non-profit focused on helping children thrive in the digital environment. Since 2005, we have created educational content and experiences to help youth…Continue Reading

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What The Kids Want

Digital and Media Literacy education is primarily a top-down endeavor: adults design curriculum based upon what they think kids should know about the digital world. It’s sort of like Martians deciding what Earthlings should know about life on our planet. Sure we do our best, but at the end of the day many of us…Continue Reading

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How to Set Digital Media Rules with Your Kids

Setting and enforcing rules with kids can be tough online just like it is offline. To simplify matters, try drafting a “digital media” contract using the following tips: 1. Directly involve your kids: Let’s be honest–everyone wants to be heard. Give your kids a chance to suggest rules and consequences that they think are acceptable.…Continue Reading

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Why Institutions Shouldn’t Just “Ease on Down the Road” to New Technology

Keeping up with changing technology is not an easy task, especially for businesses and educational institutions.  Visit with your favorite teen for a few moments and you just may learn that certain social media sites, apps, and even technology devices which were “in” just yesterday are suddenly “out.”  Take Snapchat, for instance.  While it was…Continue Reading

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Staying Safe Online All Year Round

As National Internet Safety Month comes to a close, it is important to remember that keeping your children safe online is not just a once a year deal.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015) iKeepSafe’s acronym BEaPRO™, (Balance, Ethics, Privacy, Reputation, Relationships and Online Security) helps parents teach their children to become responsible, ethical digital citizens…Continue Reading

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New Google Digital Literacy and Citizenship Curriculum Now Available

iKeepSafe and Google have teamed up to create new and improved curricula about being a responsible digital citizen. Our hope is for technology to dramatically improve the lives of students and educators. Working together, we are committed to supporting education, as well as keeping students and teachers safe online. Each of the three classes is…Continue Reading

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What Kids are (Really) Doing Online

Maybe you’ve already heard? It appears that Facebook is losing its groove. A recent survey of 5,200 teenagers found that while 33% called Facebook their “most important” social network in Spring ‘12, by Spring of this year that number had fallen to just 25%. An unofficial survey of the eighth graders in my Cyber Civics…Continue Reading

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It’s Time to BEaPRO™

Last summer, iKeepSafe’s dynamic CEO and president, Marsali Hancock, shared some exciting news with us…  after years of gathering credible research from a wide-ranging constituency of experts (from law enforcement officials to cyber security professionals to media scholars and more), iKeepSafe could confidently define a previously indefinable term: “digital literacy.” Now before you nod off,…Continue Reading

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Avoiding the Tangled Web through Honesty

“Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive.”  – Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832) Although Sir Walter Scott undoubtedly did not have technology in mind when he wrote about weaving a tangled web, today’s social media and internet users should heed his words and avoid being ensnared through deceit in today’s…Continue Reading

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Passwords, Passwords and More Passwords

These days, it seems you need a password for everything. As the number of online accounts individuals have keeps rising, the amount of passwords each person has to remember goes up as well. It also doesn’t help that everyone is prone to becoming the victim of an email hack, or social network account takeover. The…Continue Reading

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Should hate websites be included in online safety and digital citizenship conversations?

As avid browsers, teens sometimes stumble across hate websites. Many teens are shocked and upset when they first encounter these types of websites, especially if they are not prepared with the knowledge that such websites exist.  Unaware teens can be more easily tricked by subtle hate websites and may not fully realize that the hate…Continue Reading

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Last week while giving a presentation on Digital Literacy to a group of K-8 parents, I shared some interesting data from a Pew Internet & American Life Project report regarding kids and their online passwords. In this study Pew found that 30 percent of 12-17 year olds who were regularly online had shared a password…Continue Reading

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10 Tips for New Year 2013

If your child is like most, he or she is probably starting the New Year as the proud owner of a new digital device. A gift from you perhaps? If so, don’t let the gift-giving end there. Give the best gift of all: 10 Tips to help them use their new phone, tablet, PC, laptop,…Continue Reading

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Bring in the New Year

As the year winds to a close, it’s natural to look back and assess where we’ve been before turning our thoughts to the time ahead.  The New Year offers a fresh start, as well as an opportunity to do things differently, or even better, in the days to come. On the digital and mobile fronts,…Continue Reading

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‘Tis the Right Time Before Christmas

‘Tis the right time before Christmas When all through the house, Not a computer is stirring, Not even a mouse. The stockings are hung By the chimney with care, In hopes they’ll be filled With gadgets to there. With mom on her Kindle I sat on my bed, Whilst visions of shopping Filled me with…Continue Reading

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What Happens When the Students Become the Teachers?

Online safety experts including Nancy Willard, Anne Collier, and Frank Gallagher are long-time advocates for including youths as a part of online safety training programs. The Youth Panels at the recent IBPA and the FOSI conferences also demonstrated how engaged students can be important contributors to online safety discussions. So just what happens when the…Continue Reading

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Teen Online Behavior is Getting Past Parents

McAfee released findings from a 2012 Teen Internet Behavior Study that revealed how teens are behaving (or not behaving) online. The results are sobering. In short, teens are doing all sorts of inappropriate and illegal things on the internet and parents are clueless. Kids are better at using technology than their parents and parents are…Continue Reading

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The Wisdom of Children

Internet safety is often thought of as something adults teach kids. But adults make big mistakes, too: A Taliban spokesperson accidentally publicly CC’d everyone on his mailing list.  And, the recent scandal around an affair between General David Petraeus and writer Paula Broadwell came to light, in part, because they misunderstood email security. Adults don’t…Continue Reading

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10 Rules for Safe and Respectable Online Behavior (from 7th Graders)

Here’s a question: Who is more likely to post an embarrassing photo online, a 7th grader or his/her parent? If you answered “a 7th grader”… then you’d be wrong. According to a study conducted by the Pew Research Center called “Reputation Management and Social Media,” adults share personal information online more freely than young people.…Continue Reading

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Let’s Talk About Technology in Schools

Depending upon your personality and relative contentment with life, you may eagerly anticipate or wholeheartedly dread social situations requiring small talk.  Questions from strangers and casual acquaintances like “What do you do?” or “Do you have any kids?” may cause you to mentally embrace or physically recoil from your greeter. Regardless of your reaction, your…Continue Reading

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