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iKeepSafe and Harvard Berkman Center Release Privacy Curriculum


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Today’s youth are increasingly living their lives online. What happens offline is reflected in the digital world, and vice-versa. Because our culture is becoming more and more digital, it is increasingly impossible to avoid participation in the digital environment. In the same way that it is essential to teach our children about safety in their physical environment, we must also teach them how to be safe digital citizens. Protecting the privacy, safety, and reputation of children means helping them understand how to avoid risks when using digital technology.

These reasons have motivated iKeepSafe’s partnership with the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University. iKeepSafe and Berkman have recently released the new Safety, Privacy, and Digital Citizenship curriculum for high school as part of their Digital Literacy Resource Platform. The curriculum, developed with iKeepSafe and guided by our Privacy Curriculum Matrix K-12 BEaPRO, helps students make informed choices on managing their personal information online. The curriculum covers topics including social media, surveillance, cyberbullying, sexting, and more. The curriculum outlines lesson plans, topics of discussion and debate, and a quiz to evaluate student comprehension.

An additional resource includes the edtech privacy checklist for educators. The checklist helps educators and administrators become more aware of the considerations they need to make when using educational technology in school.

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  1. Diane Neubeck says:
    April 3, 2016| Reply

    I don’t have any children of my own! But I’m a infant at 46 when it comes to the digital world from it’s uses and safety! I don’t trust my own abilities or knowledge of the internet predators! So I’m off the grid! Is your programs for learning safety on the internet for adults? What other information about the latest technologies for pre kindergarten to getting my PHD information and tools I’ll need to communicate safely and privately in today’s world? It would be greatly appreciated 🙂 the internet is a great tool to have at are fingertips but extremely dangerous without learning what they are?

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