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‘Tis the Right Time Before Christmas

‘Tis the right time before Christmas
When all through the house,
Not a computer is stirring,
Not even a mouse.

The stockings are hung
By the chimney with care,
In hopes they’ll be filled
With gadgets to there.

With mom on her Kindle
I sat on my bed,
Whilst visions of shopping
Filled me with dread.

Ipads and Ipods,
Androids and more,
Iphones and tablets,
And laptops galore.

While all of these items
Are certainly nice,
Perhaps what our children need most
Is a little advice.

Like “put down the iPad,
Let’s talk face to face.”
Or, “Explore the outdoors,
It’s a really nice place.”

Tell them it’s important
To be thoughtful online,
Because words live in cyberspace
An awfully long time.

Teach them that posting
Inappropriate stuff,
Will make getting a job or into college
Particularly rough.

Talk about passwords,
Privacy, safety, and settings.
Ignoring these topic,
Will lead to much fretting.

Think of all you can say
About being wise, safe, and smart.
Isn’t this holiday season
A good time to start?

Diana Graber, who has an M.A. in Media Psychology and Social Change, is Co-Founder of CyberWise, a Digital Hub that helps busy adults understand and use digital tools. Diana also teaches CyberCivics at Journey School in Aliso Viejo, CA, and is Adjunct Faculty of the new Media Psychology program at the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology.

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