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Faith Based Organizations

Welcome to the iKeepSafe resource page for faith-based organizations (FBOs). These resources have been specifically designed to be customized for your organization. The presentations are offered in ppt format, so you can add/delete slides and insert your name, title, and graphics. For your convenience, we included some scripture, drawing on the Old and New Testaments from The King James Version of the Bible. These can be augmented or deleted easily to fit the needs of your congregation/synagogue.

FBOs are in a unique position of trust in a community. Your message of encouragement will give parents the added confidence they need to become the technology leaders in their home.


Parent Presentation 1

(30 min., Powerpoint with video):

Covers the parent’s role as family Internet manager, including: avoiding pornography, violence, and other harmful content. Expert interview clips: Michael Rich, MD, Director, Center on Media and Child Health Frank Gallagher, Media Literacy Expert, Cable in the Classroom

Parent Presentation 2

(30 min., Powerpoint with video):

Covers digital citizenship issues: online harassment, bystander awareness, preventing/reporting harassment and other high risk behaviors (i.e., suicide), addiction, cell phones. Expert interview and video clips: Your Digital Dossier, Online Reputation (2 college freshmen), Dr. Keri Herrmann, MD (addiction),

Teen and Parent Panel Fireside

(40 min., pdf):

Plans for presenting a panel to discuss safe and healthy Internet use and cell phone safety.

Video Resources for use with Teens

Short videos resources to be used for reaching out to teens in your congregation/synagogue about Internet safety, bullying prevention, safe social networking.

  • Student Voices Video (28 min) – Watch/Download
  • Project PRO: Privacy and Reputation Online (8 min) – Download/Watch
  • Auditorium PSA video (1 min) – Watch

“As the Director of the Center for Faith Based and community Initiatives at the Department of Health & Human Services (2005 to 2008), I recognize that religious leaders can help families with the challenging issues they encounter. Our youth benefit when parents understand the risks involved with digital products. Though we want young people to have 21st century skills, families need to be alert and promote responsible, safe behavior. I endorse and highly encourage faith communities to utilize the free FBO Internet safety presentations on the website.”

– Greg Morris
Former Director, Center for Faith Based and Community Initiatives, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Additional Links and Resources

** If your organization has an Internet safety/digital citizenship resource that you would like to have listed here, please contact

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