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Protecting Your Parents’ Identities

by Cristy Koebler Being the adult child of an aging parent comes with specific challenges. Apart from the obvious concerns over our parents’ health, mental faculties, and ability to provide for themselves, the digital age brings a whole new set of fears. Is someone scamming my mother out of her life savings? Does my dad…Continue Reading

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The Emotional Consequences of Parent Identity Theft

Having your identity stolen is an upsetting, even exhausting situation. Many victims have suffered sleepless nights from worrying about who had their information, how they had gotten it, and what else they were possibly doing with it. The recovery process, while time consuming, can offer them some measure of closure, though. But what do you…Continue Reading

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Scholarship Scams: Don’t Be a Financial Aid Victim

Parents and students alike spend many a sleepless night worrying about how they’re going to pay for college. And with the widely spread rumor that millions of dollars each year in legitimate financial aid go unclaimed, it does seem possible that scholarship offers might come pouring in. Sadly, this causes an estimated $100 million each…Continue Reading

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Reducing Waste without Compromising Rights

With today’s widespread technology use, educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, businesses and individuals are all finding ways to increase efficiency and reduce waste. As we engage in “spring cleaning,” we are particularly motivated to eliminate excess paper and seemingly needless waste, and we frequently inquire whether money, time, and resources could have been saved by using…Continue Reading

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Scam Alert: Netflix Phishing Scam

Netflix users beware: according to several sources, there is a new scam targeting users of the popular video streaming service Netflix. In this scam, a pop-up ad resembling Netflix’s login page is tricking consumers into handing over their personal information.  Once they’ve entered their account information, victims are told that their account has been suspended…Continue Reading

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Awareness Through Images

Here at the ITRC, we are incredibly excited about the release of our first infographic. A large part of the work we do here at the ITRC is tracking, analyzing and disseminating information regarding reported  data breaches. This work ranges from updating our data breach report weekly to  helping victims; often we  provide best safety…Continue Reading

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At Risk Populations

Everybody is at risk for identity theft in one way or another. The legitimate need to share your information in order to get goods or services naturally create opportunities to have your personally identifying information (PII) misused. The good news is many of us are able to protect ourselves and take precautions against possible fraud.…Continue Reading

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Protect Yourself From Cryptolocker with these Simple Steps

Research suggests that many Americans fall short when it comes to online security and what’s worse is that the viruses and malware infecting the internet are becoming increasingly prevalent. A few months ago, a new malware called CryptoLocker was introduced online. CyrptoLocker is a Trojan horse malware that comes in many disguises, most commonly as…Continue Reading

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Tigers Are Not Afraid (2017) [Full Movie Free]

Tigers Are Not Afraid (2017) HD Director : Issa López. Release : November 2, 2017 Country : Mexico. Production Company : Filmadora Nacional, Peligrosa. Language : Español. Runtime : 85 Genre : Fantasy, Horror, Thriller. Synopsis Watch Tigers Are Not Afraid Full Movie Online Free. ‘Tigers Are Not Afraid’ is a movie genre Fantasy, was…Continue Reading

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[Watch] Tigers Are Not Afraid (2017) Full Movie HD

Tigers Are Not Afraid (2017) HD Director : Issa López. Release : November 2, 2017 Country : Mexico. Production Company : Filmadora Nacional, Peligrosa. Language : Español. Runtime : 85 Genre : Fantasy, Horror, Thriller. Synopsis Watch Tigers Are Not Afraid Full Movie Online Free. ‘Tigers Are Not Afraid’ is a movie genre Fantasy, was…Continue Reading

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Real Danger in Sharing Too Much Info Online

In March, a teenage girl was murdered while home alone in Tulsa. A few hours before she died, she tweeted, “Have the house to myself everybody gone.” Sometimes, we share too much information online.  At the time of this story, it had not been proven the killer saw her Twitter feed; but announcing you’re home…Continue Reading

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Checked Your Credit Report Lately?

If not, check it. A couple weeks ago, 60 minutes ran a story on credit reports and the millions of errors contained on them. When is the last time you checked your report? According to a new study conducted by the Federal Trade Commission, 1 out of 5 consumers have errors on their credit report…Continue Reading

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Phone Scam Targets Security’s Weakest Link–Me.

OR Phone Scam Meets Internet Fraud (the perfect storm–almost)   V02051038560003119-2696: That’s the phone number that showed up on my caller ID. Usually, I don’t answer calls from numbers like this, but providence won this morning. It’s not everyday that I get to share a personal experience of foiled Internet fraud. The call was from…Continue Reading

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Why Should You Protect Your Child From Identity Theft?

It is natural for parents to want to protect their children as much as possible.  However, parents cannot protect their child from dangers they don’t know exist.  One of these unforeseen dangers is identity theft. Many parents are not aware that their child can become a victim of this awful crime. However, children can and…Continue Reading

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What Can You Do To Protect Children?

One of the highlights of last year was the privilege of serving with the 2012 Missouri Task Force on the Prevention of Sexual Abuse of Children.  On January 3, 2013 our report was sent to Governor Nixon, the General Assembly and State Board of Education, and released for all citizens.  The report is about protecting…Continue Reading

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Student Social Security numbers continue to be vulnerable to a security breach

According to, in 2012 alone over 1,503,851 educational institutions have had sensitive information breached, hacked, or stolen. In 2011, 572,975 records were breached, hacked, or stolen. This concerning information should be a high priority for all school districts. Rick Carlson, President of Panda Security US stated, “While the Internet is an invaluable tool for…Continue Reading

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DC Public Safety radio show host Leonard Sipes invited Marsali Hancock, CEO and President of iKeepSafe, to speak on the show about several media related issues pertaining to children. Sipes and Hancock discussed how individuals can prevent, detect, and appropriately respond to these cyber issues. “In the world in which we live, the biggest challenge…Continue Reading

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10 Tips for New Year 2013

If your child is like most, he or she is probably starting the New Year as the proud owner of a new digital device. A gift from you perhaps? If so, don’t let the gift-giving end there. Give the best gift of all: 10 Tips to help them use their new phone, tablet, PC, laptop,…Continue Reading

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Bah Humbug to Holiday Cybercriminals

One of the hottest shopping times of the year is the holiday season, which means people will be going from store to store to compare prices for their most coveted items. Of course, many people opt out of the mad scramble to shop from the comfort of their homes by simply visiting various websites selling…Continue Reading

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Good News: Google Improves SafeSearch

Google’s SafeSearch feature allows users to search the web with an effort to exclude inappropriate content from popping up. It’s a free service that is ideal for families who don’t want to be exposed to such things. SafeSearch uses automated methods to help prevent objectionable and adult content from appearing in search results. Specifically, SafeSearch…Continue Reading

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The Christmas List

Was that you braving the shopping crowds Thanksgiving night or early black Friday morning?  Did you find all the gadgets on your list?  If you’re like most of us, you still have some shopping to do. I’m sure your kids are giving you all sorts of suggestions for Santa.  As you compile that list of…Continue Reading

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Protect Your Identity this Holiday Season

Holidays are almost here! Black Friday is only a few days away, Cyber Monday around the corner, and, unfortunately, over the next few months, identity theft will probably increase as it does every year. I love the holidays. Unfortunately, so do identity thieves. There is no holiday break for thieves as they seek to take…Continue Reading

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The Wisdom of Children

Internet safety is often thought of as something adults teach kids. But adults make big mistakes, too: A Taliban spokesperson accidentally publicly CC’d everyone on his mailing list.  And, the recent scandal around an affair between General David Petraeus and writer Paula Broadwell came to light, in part, because they misunderstood email security. Adults don’t…Continue Reading

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ITRC Public WiFi usage Survey Results

It is common these days to have access to the Internet wherever you go.  Whether you are checking email in a coffee shop or arranging flights from a hotel, you expect to be connected at all times. Unfortunately, this wonderful new convenience has a dark side.  With the push to make public WiFi available in…Continue Reading

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Protect your Personal Information When Gaming

A friend of mine was bragging the other day about his teenage son’s gaming abilities.  He told me that his kid plays some war game against his friends, but they were no longer any competition for him.  Now his son plays a lot of his games against people he’s met through X-Box Live and is…Continue Reading

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Ignorance is Dangerous When it Comes to Technology

I’ve been traveling the country talking to students, parents and organizations about internet/digital safety for over 5 years now. I find that most schools and organizations primarily expect me to use my 60 minutes to list the dangers  of technology. While there are certainly some dangers that I do discuss, I find that dangers lie…Continue Reading

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Has your children’s school been breached?

As identity theft continues at an alarming pace, identity thieves are probing larger targets, piercing through weak security systems for the ultimate prize: personal identifiable information (PII). There are 1, 676, 901 reasons to be concerned—all starting with the following types of data-breaches: Human Error – A school employee unintentionally post student or employee PII…Continue Reading

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National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM) and everyone should get involved. NCSAM is a month for all of us to engage and educate each other on not only how important cybersecurity is to us as a nation, but also how each and every one of us can make a difference. This NCSAM is particularly…Continue Reading

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The Fourth Screen Becomes Mainstream

Tablets have become the 4th most important screen in people’s digital lives. The other three important screens include TV, computer, and smartphone. My family got a big color TV in the 70s, I bought my first computer in the mid-80s, and my first smartphone in the mid-2000’s.  And the time arrived much faster than all…Continue Reading

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Letter to my Kids: Facebook can be scary

Ethan and Kyla, Many months ago, one of our software testers (Michael) created a fake Facebook account for a girl who doesn’t exist (he called her Savannah), and posted a profile photo of a cute girl (he doesn’t know) wearing a bikini on the beach. Her Facebook profile states that she recently turned 14 yrs…Continue Reading

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On Alert

One summer afternoon, a well dressed man sat in the shade of an old tree watching the children play in the sun soaked field of a local public park.  He appeared to be waiting for someone, as he frequently glanced toward the parking area from behind his newspaper. After a while, he stood and circled…Continue Reading

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Public Wireless Internet Survey

The Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC), a nationally recognized non‐profit focusing on identity theft and related issues, has just launched a survey to discover the habits of consumers using public wireless Internet connections (public WiFi). The ITRC is conducting this survey in order to better understand the best ways to help consumers protect themselves while…Continue Reading

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Social Media: Valuable Resource That Could Have Detrimental Consequences

With the revolution of Social Media Networks, humans communicate with family, friends, coworkers and clients in new ways. Messages that once took days or weeks to reach the recipient, can now circle the globe in seconds. According to the Nielsen Company, social networks and blogs now account for one in every four and a half…Continue Reading

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Have You Taken Steps to Keep Your Personal Information Secure?

Most of us do not think about security breaches until we receive notice that our personal information has been compromised or we read an article about a high profile security breach. Admittedly, the layperson cannot prevent certain breaches and is dependent upon the technical expertise of businesses and institutions for protection.  Other breaches are certainly…Continue Reading

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Stay Clear of Summer Olympics Scams with these Tips

The 2012 Summer Olympics start this week in London. And while athletes from around the world compete for the gold, scammers may be using the Olympics to win their own medals in cybercrime. There are many ways cyberthieves could use the Summer Games to take advantage of people and steal personal or financial information. They…Continue Reading

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New Research: The Tools of Internet Moderation

A recent EU Kids Online Survey indicates that parents worry about their children being contacted by strangers or seeing inappropriate content—ranking this worry 5th and 6th out of nine different kinds of parental worries. Additionally, analysis shows that children will be less likely to encounter online risks if their parents use filtering or monitoring tools.…Continue Reading

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CyberTipline – An Online Child Exploitation Reporting Tool

With the conviction of Jerry Sandusky, it is important to continue the discussion of child exploitation.  This is a great time to take this “teachable moment” and discuss the relationship between child abuse and technology. We use technology everyday, and for some, this same technology facilitates and contributes to their desire to molest children.  The…Continue Reading

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Balance in Parenting:

Isn’t it the mark of a good movie when you keep thinking about the characters and plot long after you’ve left the theater? That same principle could be applied to a simple question. Yesterday while having lunch with some nice people I’d just met, I was asked a simple but thought-provoking question: “Hasn’t all you’ve…Continue Reading

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Popular social networking sites tout that 94% of teens are online with 43% percent of their online profiles set to “OPEN;” meaning that anyone can view profile contents.  One popular site asserts that they have 400 million active users with that number doubling every six months.  Considering these staggering numbers, crime is only limited by…Continue Reading

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Watch Your Kids Online; You Might Pay For It–Literally

Mobile device users with an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad are sometimes hit with a surprise on their credit card bill. In-app purchases can occur without warning. Can you imagine receiving a credit card bill for more than $2,000 and realize it was for free apps on your child’s device? In fact, that is what…Continue Reading

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Robyn Treyvaud Speaks at 21st Century Learning Conference (Video)

iKeepSafe’s Director of Global Initiatives, Robyn Treyvaud, gave the keynote address at this year’s 21st Century Learning Conference. The conference, hosted in Hong Kong, attracts educators from around the globe to interact with ideas and experiences designed to make them better informed and enthused to bring out the best in the digital native learners they…Continue Reading

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Be Aware: Porn Harms National Awareness Campaign

Marsali Hancock featured in Video Pornography is a pandemic ruining lives, marriages and families. In a united effort to educate the public on the harms of pornography and provide tools for support, Be Aware: PORN HARMS launched their third annual National Awareness Campaign this month. The campaign offers free posters and events. For example, one…Continue Reading

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New EU Survey Shows Parents Make Biggest Difference

A recent EU Kids Online Survey found that parents who actively mediate their child’s internet use lower risk and, most importantly, lower harm. Active mediation of use means: •    Parents talk to their child about the internet, •    Stay nearby or sit with them while they go online, •    Encourage them to explore the internet,…Continue Reading

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BBB Study: 10 Biggest consumer scams in 2011

Online scams can happen anywhere, at anytime, and to anyone, even the most technologically savvy internet user. Recently the Better Business Bureau conducted a study which sought to examine the 10 biggest consumer scams in 2011.  Their rankings are based on the volume of complaints, the economic climate and major events exploited by scammers. The…Continue Reading

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Cyber Civics at Journey School

There’s a lot of talk these days about keeping kids safe in cyberspace. While many internet filtering products on the market do just that, at CyberWise we are big proponents of helping young people learn how to access the free internet filter they carry around between their ears – their brains. One way to do…Continue Reading

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Indications Your Child is a Victim of Identity Theft

There are so many things that a parent is afraid of when they have a child. The world is a scary place and there are so many things that they need to protect their children from.  One thing that parents don’t often think of helping their children avoid is identity theft.  Many believe that a…Continue Reading

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Cyber threat could surpass counter terrorism

This past Thursday, FBI Director Robert Mueller made a statement to the U.S. House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, which should not be taken lightly. He said, “The cyber threat will equal or surpass the threat from counter terrorism in the foreseeable future.” For those of you reading the news lately, foreseeable future could be…Continue Reading

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administrators, what if a student impersonated you online?

A January 22, 2012 article in the Fort Wayne, Indiana Journal Gazette inspired me to think about the variety of issues in play when a student uses social media to impersonate a principal or teacher.   As I’ve written in the past, doesn’t it make sense to have an idea of how you would handle something…Continue Reading

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The Great American NO BULL Challenge

Best-selling author Shawn Edgington’s teenage daughter was stalked and physically threatened online as a high school student. Since then, Edgington has taken a personal pledge to do everything she can to raise awareness of cyberbullying. Yesterday, she launched a new campaign called The Great American NO BULL Challenge. “The Parent’s Guide is a great success,…Continue Reading

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2012’s Must-Have Resolution: Improve Digital Security Awareness

Amazon reported selling over a million Kindle devices each week in December, and estimates suggest that 3.7 million Android phones, and 3.1 million iPhones, were sold on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day alone. Add to this the millions of laptop and desktop computers, game consoles, e-readers, and tablets given as gifts this year and the…Continue Reading

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