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Developing Healthy Cell Phone Habits

by Stacie Muñoz Do you know how many minutes you’ve spent using your smartphone today? How about how many times you’ve picked up your phone to check for notifications? Would you admit the answers to those questions if you could? At the beginning of the school year I asked my 9th Grade Digital Thinking class…Continue Reading

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In Honor of Screen Free Week

We’ve all heard how important it is to use screens in moderation.  In March, we recognized a National Day of Unplugging, and this week we’re celebrating Screen Free Week. There’s no shortage of dialogue encouraging us to balance our screen time with offline activities. Yet, new research shows that people are increasingly addicted to their…Continue Reading

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Kids Who Grow Up Using iPads Have Restricted Vocabularies

It’s natural to learn new vocabulary by hearing a word and then repeating it until we memorize and internalize it. But with kids spending so much time interacting with digital gadgets through text on screens, researchers worry that it is possible today’s younger generation will grow up knowing fewer words than previous generations. A study…Continue Reading

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BEaPRO™: Choose smart phone apps to balance digital use

The first concept in iKeepSafe’s BEaPRO™ acronym is balance of digital usage. At AppCertain, we help parents manage their family’s iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch and one of the biggest requests we’ve received is a way to help manage screen time of iDevices. Apps currently available in Apple’s App Store are easily bypassed, which means…Continue Reading

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Watch Full Movie Kidnap (2017)

Kidnap (2017) HD Director : Luis Prieto. Writer : Knate Gwaltney. Producer : Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas, Halle Berry, Gregory Chou, Erik Howsam, Joey Tufaro. Release : August 4, 2017 Country : United Kingdom, United States of America. Production Company : Ingenious Media, Di Bonaventura Pictures, Gold Star Films, Lotus Entertainment (I), 606 Films,…Continue Reading

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The Houses October Built 2 (2017) [Full Movie Free]

The Houses October Built 2 (2017) HD Director : Bobby Roe. Writer : Zack Andrews, Bobby Roe. Producer : Zack Andrews, Steven Schneider. Release : September 22, 2017 Language : English. Runtime : 99 Genre : Horror. Synopsis Watch The Houses October Built 2 Full Movie Online Free. ‘The Houses October Built 2’ is a…Continue Reading

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The Internet and its Incredible Power to Distract

The internet is a big place, full of all sorts of sites. Some sites are useful and inspiring; some sites are not. And some sites are just plain distracting. Have you ever found yourself having clicked on an article, and an hour later, wondering how you got distracted–and for so long? Many websites put links…Continue Reading

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Social Media: Finding An Appropriate Balance

I frequently run into social media skeptics of all types—from parents who don’t understand their child’s need to post everything on social networking sites, to educational professionals who are concerned that social media is replacing necessary in-person social interactions. I also work closely with people who believe that social media is the wave of the…Continue Reading

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‘Tis the Right Time Before Christmas

‘Tis the right time before Christmas When all through the house, Not a computer is stirring, Not even a mouse. The stockings are hung By the chimney with care, In hopes they’ll be filled With gadgets to there. With mom on her Kindle I sat on my bed, Whilst visions of shopping Filled me with…Continue Reading

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Avoiding the Video Game Time Wasters Part Two:Respect the 24-Hour Day

In Part 1 of this blog article, I reviewed some common tactics employed in both online and offline video games to draw a user in, but that serve primarily as time wasters.  In this part, I’d like to go more in depth on one of Woogi World’s core philosophies: respecting every user’s real life 24-hour…Continue Reading

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Step Away From The Device

Have you ever noticed kids as they leave school standing shoulder to shoulder while they wait for a friend or a ride home?  Were they talking with others, or just looking down at their smart phones, thumbs flying?  Have you looked around the room during a break at a meeting or conference of adult professionals…Continue Reading

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Shutting Down Fear, Opening Up Dialogue

I love challenges, and thankfully as part of the work I do, I’m faced with a challenge daily. This challenge is to convince fear-stricken parents that there is a whole lot of good when it comes to technology, the internet and their kids. Through my work with various law enforcement agencies tailored around Internet Crimes…Continue Reading

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What do you do when the lights go out?

In our 24/7, digital, mobile world, it can be disruptive and unnerving when the electricity and the networks that keep you connected go down. At the end of June a derecho , a peculiar and violent series of storms, lashed the Washington, DC, area taking down trees, power lines, and electricity to over a million…Continue Reading

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Reading and Writing–Fundamental to All Learning

This past week in a conversation with an administrator, I was asked about the importance of reading. More directly, the question was why offer books when students can easily get their information from a variety of media formats such as films and the internet?  While the question may appear to be shocking, it wasn’t to…Continue Reading

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Avoiding the Video Game Time Wasters (Part 1)

“My child spends too much time on the computer!” “I wish video games weren’t so addicting for my kids!” “My kids are texting instead of practicing piano!” I’m sure every parent has thought at least some variation of these battle cries, and likely has uttered them in frustrated moments.  We live in a technology-saturated world,…Continue Reading

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Balancing Screen Time and Real Time

Limit the amount of your child’s screen time. How many of you have heard this said before? In the field of media literacy education, especially if you are a protectionist, this is a directive that is often given to parents and educators. However, the “screen” has become much more prevalent in our world.  It is…Continue Reading

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Children, Sleep and Technology: The Parent’s Guide to a Healthy Balance

Children and technology— it’s a total love connection. Together, they create a buzz in the air that can practically be felt. And with every single connected technology in the house cranked to the max, it’s no wonder. Computers, cell phones, gaming media—the amount of energy used by these devices alone could power a small village…Continue Reading

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Is internet addiction real? Science seems to think so

8-18 year old youth now spend an average of 10 hours and 45 minutes a day, seven days a week with media! Based on the recent research studies, Internet addiction- Neuroimaging findings and Violent Video Games Alter Brain Function in Young Men, this week’s iKeepCurrent curriculum delves into the specifics of internet addiction. Although most…Continue Reading

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Life Without Technology

During Hurricane Irene, I spent what seemed like a very long week without electricity. You never truly realize how much you miss something until it is gone. In this case, it was felt even more profoundly because our lives are shaped by so much technology. The nonexistence of the computer, television, internet, and other more…Continue Reading

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The Grid – On or Off?

By Belinha S. De Abreu, PhD. As we came to the end of another school year, the question was often posed to me whether or not our students are fed too much technology.  How do we turn them off? Shouldn’t we turn them off? In truth, we should all be turned off from the influx…Continue Reading

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Dr. Kimberly Young’s Newest Book Now Available

By Emily Ensign Dr. Kimberly Young, one of the world’s experts on Internet addiction and founder of the Center for Internet Recovery, has recently published a new book entitled Internet Addition: A Handbook and Guide for Evaluation and Treatment. The origins of this new book can be traced back to 15 years ago—a time when…Continue Reading

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Are Today’s Youth Wired for Distraction?

New York Times Provides In-Depth Look at Teens in California Thanks to technology today’s youth have great advantages, but also face great challenges to stay focused on what’s most important. The New York Times recently reported on the difficulties technology presents to teens. The Times interviewed five students from Woodside High School in Redwood City,…Continue Reading

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Turnoff Week

Photo credit: noii via Flickr. See CC license. Can You Turn Off Electronic Screens for a Week? It’s no surprise that we spend many hours each day in front of screens. A recent study from the Kaiser Family Foundation found that kids spend nearly eight hours a day with various forms of media, including TV, Internet…Continue Reading

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Preventing Technology Addiction

One person recently asked whether kids with ADHD are more prone to develop technology addictions. Dr. Michael Rich of the Center on Media and Child Health at Children’s Hospital Boston, Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Public Health, recently used his “Ask the Mediatrician” forum to answer this question. Dr. Rich noted one study…Continue Reading

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How Dependent on the Internet Are You? Take the Internet Addiction Test

Learn to Balance Real Life with Screen Time Have you ever wondered how dependent you or your children are on the Internet? Take the Internet Addiction Test to help you identify problem areas and make adjustments. This 20-question self-test was developed by Dr. Kimberly Young, leading researcher and clinician treating Internet Addictive Disorder (IAD). The…Continue Reading

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Study: Clear Relationship Between Online Gaming & Compulsive Internet Use

Photo credit: Sean Dreilinger Teach Children How to Balance Real Life With Screen Time A recent study in the Journal of Adolescent Health reported "a clear relationship … between online gaming and Compulsive Internet Use." The study examined the link between time spent with various Internet applications and compulsive Internet use in adolescents. Results showed…Continue Reading

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New Study: Too Much Internet Use Fuels Depression

Balance Real Life With Screen Time People who spend a large amount of time browsing the Net “report high levels of depressive symptoms,” according to British scientists at the University of Leeds. The researchers studied the Internet use and depression levels of 1,319 Britons between age 16 and 51. Leeds psychologists were unable to determine whether…Continue Reading

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CMCH Weighs in on Kaiser Report of Kids’ Increasing Use of Media

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Dr. Michael Rich Says Parent Involvement is Critical The following is information shared with us by the Harvard Center on Media and Child Health (CMCH). This is in response to the report released this week from the Kaiser Family Foundation that said kids…Continue Reading

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Kaiser Study Shows Dramatic Increase in Media Use Among Kids

Photo credit: Pete Prodoehl Kids Spend More Time Consuming Media on Cell Phone Than Talking By Kim Scardino The Kaiser Family Foundation held an event yesterday to discuss findings from its most recent study entitled, “Generation M2: Media in the Lives of 8- to 18-Year Olds.” The study reveals that media use among kids…Continue Reading

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Survey Shows that Internet Addiction Leads to Self-Harm for Some Teens

Teach Children to Balance Real Life With Screen Time According to a recent survey, ninety percent of the survey participants were normal users of the Internet, but about 10 percent were moderately addicted and 0.6 percent were severely addicted. It is interesting to note that those in the survey with Internet addiction had emotional problems,…Continue Reading

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Should you Encourage your Preschooler to use the Computer?

The Mediatrician Answers the Question Guest blogThe Mediatrician answers a question from this blog post Q: This Summer I was surprised to find myself compulsively checking my favorite websites several times an hour.  Then we took a family vacation and I went cold turkey with no Internet. Not only did I manage to survive without…Continue Reading

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Social Media a Major Cause of Internet Addiction Disorder

5 Steps to Overcoming IAD Most people will admit social networking sites can be very addictive. With this new form of entertainment, the need to balance real life with screen time has never been greater. The Journal Record recently reported that social media sites are magnifying Internet addiction and causing what is called Internet addiction disorder…Continue Reading

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Internet Addiction Can Be a Time-Wasting Slippery Slope

Children Need to Balance Real Life With Screen Time The Gadget Blog recently reported that dopamine—a neurotransmitting chemical linked to feelings of happiness and satisfaction—can also reward us when we spend oodles of time learning meaningless information as we wander aimlessly across the Internet. The article says this happens because dopamine “rewards us when we…Continue Reading

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HotSpots: Summer Time is Wireless Time

Take Precautions When Traveling and Using Free Internet We’d like to thank Kristen Boucher from Kaspersky Lab for sending these suggestions for Internet security and hotspot-use this summer. Enjoy: Taking the family on vacation? Bringing along the laptop to look for things to do and places to go? It makes sense, but be careful. In…Continue Reading

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Study Reinforces Recommended Two Hour Electronic Media Limit: Especially for Adolescent Girls

MoreTime Online = Less Physical Activity and Less CardioRespiratory Fitness 437 white and African-American girls were surveyed from grades 9-12. Those who spent more than two hours total watching television, playing video games, or engaging in online activities had lower physical activity levels and lower cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF) levels. The results of this recent study,…Continue Reading

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Teens Spend About 31 Hours Each Week Online

Teenagers spend an average of 31 hours a week online and nearly two hours a week looking at pornography, according to a study conducted by CyberSentinel, which provides software solutions allowing parents to block access to certain sites. Results also revealed that, among those interviewed, teens are online… Three and a half hours communicating with…Continue Reading

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