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Teach Your Kids How to Spot a Scammer

“Make $10,000 per hour working from home!”

“Lose belly fat without changing your diet or lifting a finger!”

“You’ve won a free flight anywhere in the world–enter your information below to redeem your prize!”

…And the list could go on and on.

Needless to say, the internet is riddled with scams. That’s why iKeepSafe teamed up with Google to create curricula teaching students how to identify tricks and scams online.  A few tips include:

1. Be a skeptic

2. Don’t be fooled by cool websites

3. Ask “what’s the point of view of the site?”

4. Ask, “what opinions or ideas are missing?”

5. Follow the rule of three: compare three sources

6. Be careful about facts you find without checking them first

Click here for the full lesson plan, student handouts, and accompanying video.

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