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The Healthy Tech-Family Inventory

Find out if your family practices safe technology habits

Ever wonder if your family’s technology habits are promoting health and happiness within your close clan?

Take this quick inventory and find out if your family is rocking a harmonious tech vibe or struggling to get a grip on its daily digital life.

Healthy-technology family inventory questions:

  • As a family, we’ve created very specific technology usage rules and consequences for unacceptable behaviors.
  • Devices (e.g., smartphones, tablets and laptops) aren’t allowed at the table during family meal times.
  • I model the same technology usage-behaviors I expect of my children.
  • My kids can identify when cyberbullying is taking place and know how to report it if it’s happening to themselves or others.
  • We don’t download pirated movies or music or watch illegally streamed TV shows.
  • My kids know which personal information should never be shared online.
  • My entire family knows what spam, phishing and malware are and how to spot these cyber tricks.
  • I help my children build online reputations that will be attractive to future colleges and employers.
  • We regularly monitor our identities and credit. (If you’re not already doing this, here’s a great place to start.)
  • My family engages in outside “unplugged” activities together 1-2 times per week.
  • We incorporate technology into family time by playing video games like MineCraft or Wii Sports Resort.
  • We’ve installed antivirus software on all of our devices – PC and mobile.
  • We make sure that our antivirus software and operating systems are always up to date on all of our devices.

If you’ve answered “no” to any of these inventory questions, that’s okay – we can help you create healthy technology habits. Get started with the 6 Pillars of Digital Citizenship and Wellness that keep your family safe.

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