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Prevent your kids from viewing inappropriate material online

When it comes to the internet, protecting your child is invariably your top priority. Though most digital experiences are positive and uplifting, there are sites that harm rather than help. Keeping your child’s safety in mind, it is crucial to maintain open communication with your child about their emotional health. Some youth feel alone and helpless, so they turn to self-harm websites like anorexia, cutting, hate speech or suicide. These types of sites are degrading and desensitizing, and increase feelings of fear and anxiety.

To protect your child from self-harm sites:

  • Talk about what sites are appropriate to view online. Appropriate sites will encourage your child to be responsible and successful in their endeavors.
  • Give your child guidelines to help them avoid anything that portrays or promotes violence, self-harm, hate or suicide.
  • Ask your child how these sites make them feel. Even negative material can be turned into a positive experience when you discuss it with your child in a thoughtful manner. Help them understand the consequences of self-harm both for themselves and for their loved ones.

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