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How to Talk About Sharing Digital Files and Accessing Content

As a parent, you have plenty of experience with teaching your child how to behave ethically. You’ve taught him or her to be polite, respect others and obey the law.

However, you may have encountered some challenges when it comes to the internet. Children today are digital natives, having grown up in a culture of technology that seems to be plugged-in 24/7. You may feel overwhelmed by your child’s maneuvering through the digital landscape and wonder how you can teach him/her to apply those same ethics to their online interactions.

When teaching your child how to behave ethically online, remember that many of the same ethical principles that apply off-line apply online as well. Just as before, youth should be polite, show respect and obey the law while online.

Be sure to:

  • Ask your child which sites he/she visits and which content they access. Once you know, educate yourself about these sites and determine whether the content is permissible.
  • Encourage your child to only use acceptable sites and share files legally.
  • Teach your child to respect others’ property and avoid obscene or graphically violent content as it may have a lasting effect.
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