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BEaPRO™ Digital Citizenship Toolkit

Digital citizenship is recognizably an important suite of skills for young students to develop in and out of school. This toolkit will help students establish lasting mental connections between their online and offline worlds. Each item in the toolkit corresponds to one of the BEaPRO™ pillars of digital citizenship: Balance, Ethics, Privacy, Relationships, Reputation, and Online Security.

Unplug! It is okay, (and even refreshing!) to disconnect regularly. Challenge your students to: Try leaving your phone or iPod in the other room while you eat dinner, or try leaving it in your pocket while you’re walking around.

Your personal information is valuable and you should protect it!

What do we use padlocks for? Padlocks are used to secure things or lock things up. We can also think of it as a reminder to keep our online passwords secure and private and to protect our personal information.

Digital communications are long lasting like a Permanent Marker.

Anything we communicate through digital media remains available indefinitely (you can’t easily delete it), which is great news when you have ...great news.

There are all kinds of information online. It can be hard to determine if your source is reliable and accurate.

As you review content, you are like a spy with a magnifying glass looking for clues to help you determine if the content/site is legitimate.

Being online gives us many opportunities to interact with people. We need to use the same good judgment online that we use in our offline lives and respect other people and their work.

  • Did I create this? Is it mine or did someone else create it?
  • Is it ok to use it or to copy it?
  • Am I respecting the rights of others?

Rock climbers know how important it is to look out for and help each other. A carabiner is the sturdy clip that keeps climbers hooked onto the ropes that hold them together. When it comes to the web, we can be like skilled rock climbers.

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