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Parent Safety Index Report 2013

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Learn more about the 6 Pillars of Digital Citizenship and Wellness:

perfect-balance Ethics Privacy Reputation Relationships Online Security

The iKeepSafe BEaPRO™ Parent Safety Index report identifies the six core competencies – The 6 Pillars of Digital Citizenship and Wellness – that keep kids safe online in our digitally connected culture. They are: balance, ethics, privacy, reputation, relationships and online security.

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Sponsored in part by Microsoft and AT&T, this survey marks the first time that online safety core competencies have been identified and explored quantitatively. Findings from this report will be used to:

• Better grasp parents’ understanding of and relationships with connected technology as both relate to keeping their families safe online

• Further fine-tune the iKeepSafe BEaPRO Parent digital citizenship and wellness app

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